How to Upgrade Koto Ver.2.0 (Sapling)


Table of contents

Ⅰ.The way to Upgrade your Wallet

A.Using Koto-qt

1.Create “Wallet.dat” backup.

Launch your Koto-qt to click”Backup Wallet” and select Wallet.dat’s location.


If you fail to upgrade,you can recover your balance.

2. Stop your Koto-qt

3. Download Koto Ver.2.0 below link;

If you’ve finished download,please run installer.

4. Run Koto-qt to download Sapling-Parameter File(About 800MB)

It takes few minutes.

After synchronized,please check that wallet balance is correct.


B. Using Electrum for Koto

(Electrum for Koto haven’t been comparable with Sapling yet,Please wait for latest release.)

⚠At first,you MUST check you have seed(passphrases)!!

1. Download latest Electrum for Koto.

 2. Run Setup

3. After setup,Please check that your wallet balance is correct.



“Monya” is NOT support Sapling!!!

After 5 Jan,2019,you CANNOT SEND ANY FUNDS!!!

Please move your funds to other wallet.


Ⅱ.The way to Upgrade your miner

Important Notice

You cannot use incompatible-Sapling Miner(including GPU miner.)

List of compatible miners

・KotoOfficial cpuminer-yescrypt

(You can use these as before command)